What does its origin matter? Today, the fisherman’s smock is essential to the Breton landscape.

Mentioning the fisherman’s smock is to dive deeply into the heart of Brittany and its coastal history. But to be honest, we don’t really know when this iconic made-in-Breizh standard was worn for the first time. In the end, what does its origin matter? Today, the fisherman’s smock is essential to the Breton landscape.

Its destiny is even more extraordinary, because nothing set the garment up for such great success. In fact, there is nothing simpler than a Breton fisherman’s smock: it is no more and no less than a smock cut in front and sewn at the sides. In short, a basic garment, and even more so because at the time, you didn’t need to go far to find the raw material: sailors and fishermen just needed to sew the fisherman’s smock from used sails, and their work was done!
At first, it was not so much its aesthetics as its practical side that ensured the success of the Breton fisherman’s smock. Traditionally, it has a button inside the garment for a simple reason: preventing any element on the smock from getting caught in ropes and fishing nets. Similarly, its large inside pocket, located at the chest level and accessible through the neckline, made its contents easy to reach without interfering with movement...

And there are things to store for everyone at the sea...

Did you know that traditionally, four colors of fisherman’s smock represented the activities of all kinds of fishermen? Red was reserved for oyster farmers, yellow was the sign of fishermen on foot, rust color was given to fishermen who used traps, and blue was for deep-sea fishermen?

Today, the fisherman’s smock is no longer reserved for sea workers or official navy parades. Everyone wears it. Without a doubt because it is an effective windbreaker or because its durable knit never wears out.

But perhaps it is also because brands like Armor Lux have reinvented the fisherman’s smock by giving it a modern, comfortable, and elegant touch. While still keeping its basic features: the interior button and pocket, a perfect pair for outdoor life.