Since 1938, Armor Lux has been offering authentic, timeless clothing. Nolwenn Faligot - the Breton designer - boldly reimagines wardrobe essentials, inspired by 'seafarers' with her own creative twist.

For this second collaboration – Spring-Summer 2022 – Nolwenn Faligot is once more reworking great nautical classics, inspired by clothing worn by Breton fisherman: from the smock jacket to cropped trousers, and of course, our essential striped knits. A little matching bag effortlessly completes the look. Workwear from times gone by becomes a casual, chic outfit, retaining its timeless appeal Basic men's wardrobe essentials with subtle, delicate details creating an elegant allure. Knits showcase different volumes, in this model the style is loose-fit and cinched at the hips. Embroidery brings together patterns from Breton history and the seafaring world. Fresh hints of blue blend with the glowing rust-red of old-time sails. These sea-inspired looks conjure the feeling of a spring walk on the quays or a cruise on an old rig in the heart of summer.

Made from canvas and evoking the sails on old rigs, the traditional smock has been reimagined as a jacket with a front fastening, so you won't need to pull it over your head. This jacket features the traditional wide nautical collar, essential for any smock. Borrowed from the men's wardrobe and worn loose, it can be cinched in at the waist for an elegant, feminine touch while retaining its functional style with pockets and a hood. The delicate blue embroidery, on each side of the large V-neckline, evokes seafaring life and sails from ships.

These cropped trousers are styled liked nautical trouser on the top part, but like culottes they stop at the knees to reveal the lower part of the leg. Made from canvas and evoking the sails on old rigs, the wide-fit and high-waist can be adjusted by lacing at the top part of the back, making them both comfortable and elegant. The detail of the contrasting buttons adds a delicate hint of colour.
This loose-fit Breton shirt is cinched in at the hips for a relaxed, feminine style enhanced by the deep 'false' V neckline. Contrasting embroidery showcases Breton heart and seafaring patterns blended together on the knitted chest plates which features stripes in different sizes. In fresh, summery blue, this ¾ sleeve Breton shirt is sure to be a hit from spring to the heart of summer.

The lightweight striped knit is loose across the upper body and tapers at the hips for a relaxed, feminine look, enhanced by the delicate V shaped. neckline and back. Stripes in diferent directions highlight these lines. The T-shirt can be worn long or pulled up for ruched effect, while this model is sleeveless, the drop-shoulder style means that the arms are covered.
Becomes a small handbag, adorned with delicate embroidery inspired by seafaring life and patterns found on sails. Practical and chic and made from canvas, it evokes the sails on old rigs and has a wide handle for carrying over your shoulder in your hand.