Hast, the expert brand of shirts, 

and Armor-lux, an iconic brand specialising in Breton shirts,

have pooled their expertise to launch a capsule collection

inspired by a natural material: linen.

The two brands met at the start of 2022 when they joined forces for a project with the CELC (European Confederation of Flax and Hemp) on the traceability of flax in Europe, allowing the different players to understand, strengthen and revitalise the European flax production chain. A collaboration seemed like a natural next step. Driven by their shared values and love of incredible materials, the two brands decided to combine their expertise to create iconic pieces using a single material: linen. The summer capsule collection was designed and produced in the spirit of collaboration, revisiting some classic designs. The capsule collection interweaves the two French brands and their areas of expertise – shirts and knitwear – to create four iconic linen products in shades of blue. The entire capsule collection is made from European Flax®, which is certified in terms of its origin and traceability.

100% blue linen
100% blue linen
58% linen 42% cotton
70% linen 30% cotton