Safetics Guide, The Seafarer's Waterproof Checklist

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Guide Safetics®, the Waterproof Sailors' Checklist is the first ever comprehensive sailing guide written in pocket-sized checklists. Waterproof, resistant and anti-reflective, it is valid for all pleasure boats, both sailing and motor.

100% "Made in France", the Safetics® guide was designed by Guillaume de Corbiac, skipper and amateur pilot, based on the model of aircraft pilot checklists.

A real mini-bible for navigation, this new type of guide contains 60 practical sheets, divided into 6 chronological tabs, the essential basic rules and safety advice validated by experts in safety at sea.

Its universal content has been designed for all skippers and their crew, whether they are beginners or experienced. Indispensable on board all pleasure boats, it is an ideal companion for any amateur sailor who will use it happily on every trip.

Boat owners will also be delighted to leave a copy on board to use as a reminder or to make it available to their crew to enable them to participate in the various stages of navigation.

Its educational and practical approach also makes it an essential ally for any new boat licence holder.

Its 60 pages include a marine lexicon as well as conversion tables and the international alphabet. It contains all the regulatory documentation required for coastal navigation up to 6 miles from a shelter.

Printed on PVC and bound with a plastic spiral, it is wind and sea water resistant and safe for use outdoors. Printed with Pantone inks, its durability is second to none.

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