Bulbs & grey sea bream rillettes - La Paimpolaise

I7517 La Paimpolaise

4,30 €

Product description
La Paimpolaise, a Breton cannery, offers you refined, innovative and natural seafood recipes, a healthy and authentic pleasure.
Discover the Bulbs & grey sea bream rillettes - La Paimpolaise - guaranteed without additives or preservatives.

A melting dish with spicy flavours, to be enjoyed on toast or good bread for aperitifs, without forgetting that it will always be a popular gift.

80g - 53.75€/kg

Made in Brittany

La Paimpolaise Conserverie
5 Rue Anjela Duval
22500 Paimpol

Ingrédients: Cream, whelk 28%, sea bass 22%, onion 6%, vinaegar, Millac salt, sea weed (agar agar, wakame), coriander, pepper, thyme, bay.

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