3 rillettes and fish soup box

I7699 Groix & Nature

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Product description

Mackerel rillettes, crab rillettes, sardines rillettes with Espelette pepper and fish soup


Made in brittany



Mackerel rillettes with sichuan pepper:Mackerel (56.5%), cream, water, mashed lime, wheat flour, milk protein and lactose, salt,lime zest, Sichuan pepper (0.2%), shallots (celery, nuts, mustard, sesame, soya, sulfites), espelette chilli pepper, garlic. 

Sardines rillettes: sardines (62.5%), cream, water, olive oil, wheat flour, milk protein and lactose, salt, shallots (celery, mustard, sesame, soya, sulfites), Espelette chilli pepper (0,1%), white pepper (nuts)

Crab rillettes: crab (45%), pollock, liquid cream, shallots, butter, wheat flour, milk protein and lactose,salt, pepper, garlic.

Fish soup: water, fish (17%), gurnard (7%), mackerel (7%), white wine (0,5%), onions, concentrated tomatoes, Muscadet (1,4%), leeks, shallots, olive oil, Guérande salt, parsley, garlic, pepper, coriander, thyme, saffron, bay.

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