Tuna in Pommeau Rillettes with red oignons - Apak

I6016 APAK

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Product description
Based on the port of Lorient, Apak was born from the desire of fishermen to share their resources for a sustainable fishing and a seafood products quality.
Discover the Tuna in Pommeau Rillettes with red oignons - Apak
You will love to taste these rillettes of white tuna cooked with pommeau and pink onions from Brittany. The Pommeau gives them that slightly sour taste, a real treat!

They are coming from Lorient fishing and are made in Brittany.

105g - 62.85 €/kg

Made in Brittany

13, boulevard Louis-Nail
56100 Lorient

Ingredients: white tuna 62%, cream, apple sauce, breton red onions (4,5%), breton Pommeau(3,9%), lime juice, butter, gelifier: agar-agar, salt, pepper, curry.

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