Herbs & Lemon crumbled Mackerel - la Belle-Iloise

I5745 La Belle Iloise

3,40 €

Product description
Located near Quiberon's harbour, la Belle-Iloise cannery cooks canned fish, in a traditional and artisanal way since 1932.
Discover the Herbs & Lemon crumbled Mackerel - la Belle-Iloise.

Rich in flavours, this crumbled mackerel will always be appreciated on toast or cooked with seasonal candied vegetables

80g - 39.38€/kg

Made in Brittany

Conserverie la belle-iloise
Boulevard plein O,
56170 Quiberon

Ingredients: mackerel filets (50%), extra virgin olive oil, grilled onions (11,9%), lime juice (5,9%), tomatoes (4,7%), provencal herbs (1,7%), cassava starch, salt, aromatic plants, Menton lime (0,6%), spices.

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