Samphire Scallop rillettes - La Chikolodenn

I6075 La Chikolodenn

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Product description
Chikolodenn is named after the St Pol de Léon hat.This traditional Breton cannery produces Breton gastronomic products with unique flavours.
Discover the Samphire Scallop rillettes - La Chikolodenn

90g - 67.22€/kg

Made in Brittany

 La Chikolodenn
ZA de Kerinec

Ingredients: Clamys Operculorys scallop (60%), cream, white wine, onions, wheat flour, shallots, salted butter, salt, pepper, carrageenan (sea weed), garlic,samphire 0.06% (marine plant), tabasco (vinegar, red chilli pepper, salt ).

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