Scallop Rillettes - Groix & Nature

I4534 Groix & Nature

5,10 €

Product description
Groix & Nature is a Breton cannery, based on the Island of Groix. Men and women produce authentic and tasty seafood products inspired by the traditions of their island.
Discover the Scallop Rillettes - Groix & Nature

100g - 49.50€/kg

Made in Brittany

Groix & Nature
ZAC de Keroman
Rue Raymond Rallier du Baty
56100 Lorient

Ingredients: Scallop (47.5%)*, pollack, cream, shallots, carrots, butter, wheat flour, milk protein and lactose, salt, parsley, white pepper (fruits à coques, celery, mustard, sesame, sulfites), garlic.

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