INNOVEO, the Brest University Research Hospital’s endowment fund

Created in 2016, the Brest University Research Hospital’s endowment fund: INNOVEO, is a non-profit general interest organization which seeks to promote, develop and support health research and medical innovation in western Brittany.

INNOVEO is collaborating with the Cornouaille Intercommunal Hospital to launch a new scheme -the Rococo project- led by Doctor Marie-Sarah Fangous. The project is supported by medical and paramedical specialists in infectious diseases, the public health center and the Clinical Investigation Center.

During our clearance sale, from May 27th to June 8th, 2020, Armor-Lux will donate 3% of total sales to Innoveo, in order to fund the Rococo project.

What is the Rococo project?

Since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, the SARS-COV-2 RT-PCR screening conducted by the hospital laboratory has shown that among symptomatic patients and hospital staff suspected of having contracted COVID-19, only 7.8% of diagnosis have been confirmed by the molecular biology test performed on a nasopharyngeal sample. Therefore, the prevalence of COVID-19 appears extremely low in our region, and the lifting of quarantine measures raises the risk of a second epidemic wave.

In addition to research on the virus itself, numerous serological tests are being analyzed. Their goal is to posteriorly determine if an individual has been exposed to the virus, by identifying specific antibodies produced by the immune system defending against this infection. The objective of this study is therefore to assess the reliability of the serological test used in the regional laboratory of the Quimper Hospital Center. The subjects are volunteers with COVID-19 cases previously confirmed by the molecular biology test. Next, the seroprevalence among the hospital’s medical and non-medical staff will be analyzed.

Confirming the proportion of hospital staff with immunity, and the rates of distribution according to their role, will allow us to better understand the specifics of transmission according to exposure factors and thus allow us to adapt our internal guidelines and effectively manage stocks of personal protective equipment, together with the strategy to ease quarantine that will be implemented by the government. This will help protect hospital staff from overexposure to the virus.

In order to finance this project, we need your help. We aim to raise € 60,000 to carry out this study.

Thank you again for your invaluable support!

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