For almost a century, Fileuse d’Arvor cultivates its passion for premium knitting. Fileuse d’Arvor is the oldest Breton hosiery in operation and is known for its high quality of Knitwear. See more

In 2019, Armor-lux took over the firm Fileuse d'Arvor to perpetuate, in Quimper, this special know-how and thus to offer a luxury marine clothing line to its customers. Fileuse d’Arvor opens a new chapter of its history while maintaining what contributed to its success: noble materials (merino wool, combed cotton, cashmere) selected from the best European spinners, French manufacturing process fully made in Brittany and authentic and sustainable clothes.

Fileuse d’Arvor was founded in 1927 in Brest and is the oldest hosiery in Britany. Settled in Quimper since 1946, the company has leading skills in flat knitting. Its iconic clothes travelled around the world such as the “Grand-Père Brest” jersey jumper, of the name of the founder, inspired by the working clothes worn by fishermen in Douarnenez Bay or the « Midship » navy shirt made in the exactly same way as the traditional shirt of the French Navy.

Love for a job well done, sleek lines and quality materials are the key words guiding Fileuse d'Arvor.

Navy shirt "BREST©"

Knitted from soft combed cotton in our Quimper factory, this Breton striped shirt is made in the traditional way of the National French Navy. Sailors serving on the military boat Jeanne d’Arc wore this shirt on its last journey around the world.

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Inspired by the working clothes worn by fishermen in Douarnenez Bay, this fisherman jumper gathers all the skills of Fileuse d’Arvor. This high-quality iconic jumper will keep you warm for many winters!


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