Dark chocolat Feuillety - Criollo

I3631 Criollo

3,30 €

Product description
At the end of Finistère, the chocolate pastry chef Patrick Robinet, produces high quality products, guaranteed pure cocoa butter.
Discover the Dark chocolat Feuillety - Criollo : a chocolate praline with lace crêpes dentelles and a sweet dark chocolate flavor.

100g - 31€/kg

Made in Brittany

7, rue de Plozévet
29710 Pouldreuzic

Ingredients: milk chocolate ( sugar, cacao butter, milk powder, cacao paste, emulsifier: soya lecithin, vanilla aroma, cacao minimum 35%.
Filling: praline ( sugar, almonds, hazelnuts), crêpes dentelle ( wheat flour, sugar, milk fat, milk sugar, milk protein , salt, barley malt flour, baking powder: E500II).

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