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Zipped or military for all little daredevils, buttoned or tied for the elegant ones, our children's sweaters range will satisfy every style! Discover our sweater and cardigan collection that convinces with a maximum of quality and suppleness!

59,00 €
Armor Lux sweaters combine elegance and comfort for the littlest children. Military-style sailor sweater, crewneck, canvas yoke at shoulders and elbows, straight finish. 50% Merino wool - 50% acrylic. We like: its very fashionable military style. Extra bonus: its durability. "
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49,00 €
Pull col camionneur GwénaëlPull camionneur côte perlée, double bord côte bas de corps et poignet50% laine 50% acrylique
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62,00 €
Gilet zippé à capuche YannGilet zippé à capuche avec deux poches kangourouCôte 1x150% laine mérinos 50% acrylique
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