Why not try the best Breton striped top - the famous “marinière” as we say in French. We have the authentic Breton striped shirt, “Made in Brittany”, short sleeved or long sleeved, made of lightweight or heavyweight cotton, but always simple, stylish, chic!

Brittany, the north western part of France, is a peninsular region surrounded by the Atlantic sea. The sailors and fishermen developed their practical clothing over centuries. The striped sailor shirt with exactly 21 stripes was also part of the uniform in the French Navy. Legend says, each stripe stands for one of Napoleon’s victories. Armor-lux is one of the last genuine manufacturers and creates traditional striped cotton shirts in a wide range of colors. Our high quality striped tops for ladies are timeless elegant, and so well made that you will enjoy them for years. The fabric, especially the cotton called ‘interlock” is thick and soft and gets even more comfortable with every washing. 

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